2020 Downieville Classic Registrants

If you were a registered Downieville Classic racer in 2020, your discount of 25% off registration will be honored.

You will receive a 25% off discount code via the email you used to register for the 2020 race. 

In addition, you will receive a two-week window for advanced, discounted registration for the 2023 25th Anniversary Downieville Classic when registration opens in January. The discount will only apply to this year’s event and can only be activated within this 14-day time period.

Please remember, no refunds are offered for this event no matter what happens. There are sunk costs and this is a fund raising event for trail building - not for profit. So, if you are not sure about registering and then later want your money back, buy the event insurance during the registration process that BikeReg offers (~$15).

If you no longer have/use the email address from 2020, please contact Kyle Stone at Stone@SierraTrails.org

The Downieville Classic is going to be amazing this year and we welcome you back to the shenanigans in the mountains on July 13th - 16th.

Thank you all for your continued support of this event.

Proceeds from our events like the Downieville Classic and Lost and Found as well as our $5 a Foot fundraisers have built over 100 miles of new mountain bike trails, including the Gold Valley Rim Trail which is part of the Downieville Classic race course. Other mountain bike trails we have built with the funds raised at events: Upper Big Boulder, Mills Peak Trail, Mt. Hough Trail (and another next year!), North Yuba Trail, Badenaugh Trail and more! And is helping to fund The Lost Sierra Route.

Money well spent in our minds, and you get to have a damn good time in the process.


New Trail built with steps